Laptop Hunters Parody Ad: Homeless Frank

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LandlineTV has released a parody of Microsoft's Laptop Hunters ads called "Laptop Hunters: Homeless Frank." In the commercial, which was released through YouTube, Homeless Frank is offered US$1,000 to buy a laptop.

[Some vaguely adult language follows -- please read at your own discretion - Editor.]

As in Microsoft's real Laptop Hunters ads, Homeless Frank heaps praise on a Mac laptop (a MacBook Air), but then asks, "What can I get for a thousand dollars?"

"Windows Vista Home Premium," he answered. "This is bullshit. Real bullshit."

"I'm poor," he added, "but I'm not retarded."

Not necessarily subtle -- the commercial also features some of Homeless Frank's naked butt -- but in the end, he finds a suitable use for his new Windows laptop as a cover for his head.

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Lee Dronick

I suppose that the opportunity to parody those ads was too good to pass up.


Oh, that is priceless. smile Damn. “Is this plastic?”


Hahahaha, oh man that’s the most funny thing that I’ve seen all day! smile

The lying in the gutter with laptop over face (as opposed to newspaper) at the end was a very nice touch.

Regcure PC Optimizer

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