Laptop Hunters Parody Ad: Homeless Frank

LandlineTV has released a parody of Microsoft's Laptop Hunters ads called "Laptop Hunters: Homeless Frank." In the commercial, which was released through YouTube, Homeless Frank is offered US$1,000 to buy a laptop.

[Some vaguely adult language follows -- please read at your own discretion - Editor.]

As in Microsoft's real Laptop Hunters ads, Homeless Frank heaps praise on a Mac laptop (a MacBook Air), but then asks, "What can I get for a thousand dollars?"

"Windows Vista Home Premium," he answered. "This is bullshit. Real bullshit."

"I'm poor," he added, "but I'm not retarded."

Not necessarily subtle -- the commercial also features some of Homeless Frank's naked butt -- but in the end, he finds a suitable use for his new Windows laptop as a cover for his head.