Laptop Hunting Lauren Re-Emerges in HP Commercial on Hulu

Hey, she's back, and she's still not cool enough to be a Mac user: Lauren de Long has re-emerged from her brief notoriety as a Microsoft Laptop Hunter to appear in a new commercial from HP proclaiming her ongoing status as a proud HP user.

Ms. de Long's Laptop Hunter ad for Microsoft featured her on a quest to find laptop for under $1,000. She chose an HP Pavilion, after quietly proclaiming herself to be "not cool enough to be a Mac person."

The new HP-branded ad is currently appearing on Hulu, where HP and Microsoft are running a campaign as joint sponsors. Rather than looking for another new laptop, however, Ms. de Long instead proclaims her delight with her HP unit, which she said she used to finish her college degree, etc.

In the end, she closes with, "I'm still Lauren, and I'm still a PC," while lovingly clutching her HP laptop to her chest.

Lauren de Long
A screenshot from Lauren's new commercial where she immortalizes her Microsoft payoff