larklife Health Tracker Comes to Apple Stores

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The larklife personal health and fitness tracker became more accessible on Thursday when it landed on shelves in Apple's own retail stores. The wristband tracker logs activities such as how far you walk, what you eat, and how much you sleep, then syncs that information wirelessly to your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0.

larklife health tracker available in Apple retail storeslarklife health tracker available in Apple retail stores

Along with the typical data such as steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep patterns, larklife also lets users track when they eat with a button tap. It can wake users from sleep with a vibrating alarm as well, and offers tips to help improve sleep patterns.

Unlike other fitness trackers, like Nike Fuelband, larklife is geared towards users that aren't necessarily athletes. "Focusing on a single, 10,000-step goal or competing with others for the best mile time doesn't motivate most people, especially those of us who are not elite athletes. We built larklife to help make feeling great more attainable for the rest of us," said Lark founder and CEO Julia Hu.

larklife's rechargeable battery is rated for 48 hours. The system includes a charging cable, two wristbands designed by Ammunition, and the companion iOS app. Wireless syncing requires an iPhone 3GS or newer, a third or fourth generation iPod touch, and at least iOS 5.1. It costs US$149.99, and is available at the lark website, too.

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Don Cornelius

I get a good portion if my exercise through karate. Can I use this device while practicing karate & grappling? Once there is a device discreet & tough enough to work out & sleep in, I’m ready to start my personal health graph and to feed into it what I’m eating.

Jeff Gamet

I’ll be testing one soon. I’ll be paying close attention to durability, too, and I’ll report back with the results.


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