Laserface Jones vs. Doomsday Odious Wins uDevGames Contest

iDevGames has announced the winner of the uDevGames 2008 contest: Justin Ficarrotta's Laserface Jones vs. Doomsday Odious, which won five of the seven categories, including the Best Overall Game one voted on by the public. Mr. Ficarrotta's game, which garnered an overall score of 9.04, is a side-scrolling action game starring Laserface Jones, a robot who must zap the aliens threatening Earth and eventually destroy the core of the brain of Doomsday Odious.

Laserface Jones

Mr. Ficarrotta and eight other developers will divide a pool of more than US$20,000 in prizes provided by a variety of companies, some of whom have said they will reward each member of every team participating in the contest. There were 164 games entered this year, with 20 of them qualifying for the final voting that began March 5. Six categories were open to voting only by fellow contestants, while the seventh, Best Overall Game, was open to the general public.