Last Day for MacUpdate Spring Bundle (Parallels, TechTool Pro, & More)

Friday, June 12th, 2009 (today, for those keeping score at home) is the last day for MacUpdate's Spring Bundle of Mac apps, a bundle that includes Parallels 4 and TechTool Pro 5, along with nine other apps, for US$49.99. The offer ends tonight at 11:59:59 PM EDT.

In addition to Parallels and TechTool Pro, the bundle includes:

  • NoteBook 3 - Circus Ponies' idea organizer
  • NetBarrier X5 - Intego's firewall utility
  • MoneyWell - a personal finance manager
  • DVDRemaster Pro - Metakine's DVD/video compression application
  • RipIt - a DVD ripping tool
  • Multiplex - a way to watch your ripped DVDs
  • Paperless - a new document manager from Mariner Software
  • Posterino - for creating posters and cards from your photos
  • BetterZip - a file compression utility

The retail price on the collection would be more than $500 if the apps were purchased separately. The bundle is available as a download only, and each app comes with a full license, the same if you had purchased it individually.