Latest Round Of Apple vs. Samsung Begins

In Apple vs Samsung news, the latest round of battles has begun in US District Court. This latest suit is over patents; Apple says five of theirs are violated by Samsung, while Samsung says Apple violated two of theirs. Apple is seeking $2 billion USD in damages.

A New York Times report includes some information on previous Apple/Samsung disputes. And since this is a patent dispute, more background and context are available at the FOSS Patents, where Florian Mueller offers analysis and clear explanations of rulings and progress in patent cases. Philip Elmer-DeWitt has highlighted some of the other analysis around the web as well.

Apple is asking for damages of US$40 per device,  in this case including two versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

This trial will, as with the previous trial, be presided over by Judge Lucy Koh. It is expected this latest suit will take about a month to settle, and jury selection of a panel of four will begin today.