Latest Free City of Heroes Update Offers More Power Customization

NCsoft on Wednesday released Issue 16: Power Spectrum, the latest free update to its MMORPG City of Heroes. Players can now specify the colors of their characters' powers' effects.

In addition, Power Spectrum offers more difficulty options, the availability of more power sets to more character archetypes, and Super Side-Kicking, an enhancement to the game's side-kick functionality that enables new players to hold their own while fighting alongside veteran players.

NCsoft issues regular free updates to City of Heroes and continues to work on the game's first paid expansion pack, Going Rogue, about which little information has been provided so far, other than the planned addition of an alignment system, as well as the introduction of a parallel universe.

The monthly cost for City of Heroes is US$14.95. In addition to an Intel Core Duo processor, City of Heroes requires Mac OS X version 10.5.5, 1GB RAM, 2.9GB of hard drive space, and ATI X1600, NVIDIA 7300 GT, or Intel X3100 video. Intel GMA950 integrated video chipsets are not supported.