Latest Microsoft Ad Hits at MacBook Price Again

Microsoft's latest Laptop Hunter commercial follows the same formula as the other ads in the series: Buy a PC because Macs cost too much. Thankfully, it doesn't borrow from the company's recent Internet Explorer 8 campaign, so no one is forcefully expelling what they ate for lunch on camera.

The new commercial features a young family on the hunt for a sub US$700 laptop with a big screen and the ability to share family photos. They pass up the white MacBook as too small and too expensive, and finally settle on an HP laptop because it looks sturdy and includes Windows Photo Gallery.

Like the other ads in Microsoft's "Laptop Hunter" campaign, price is touted as the key selling feature in computers. Since the company's apparent target audience is inexperienced computer buyers who are more likely to make purchase decisions based only on price instead of features and quality, this ad will probably deliver exactly the message Microsoft wants to send: Buy PCs because they are cheap.