launch2net Premium Shares 3G Data Connections Via Wi-Fi

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nova media aims to make 3G modems for the Mac even more useful with its new launch2net Premium. The Mac OS X-based application lets users share a 3G modem connection through their Mac via Wi-Fi.

launch2net Premium

launch2net Premium supports any number of devices over Wi-Fi, tracks devices that have previously connected so users don’t have to re-enter passwords, can manage SMS messages, and includes a one-button setup to turn your Mac into a Wi-Fi hotspot. The application can track 3G data activity by user, SIM card, and roaming or local service connection, too.

The application supports connections from any Wi-Fi capable device such as other computers, the iPhone and iPod touch, and iPads. It also supports WEP password protection to limit who accesses your shared network, and includes the ability to block specific devices via blacklisting, too.

launch2net Premium’s statistics

launch2net Premium supports 3G modems from Huawei, Option, Sierra Wireless, Novatel and Sony Ericsson, and ZTE support is on the way.

launch2net Premium will be available for download at the nova media Web site in the first week in May. Pricing information has not yet been announced.



a “Mi-Fi” Mac App, nice.


Um, and Pantech which makes most of Verizon’s 3G modems?? Left out?? Kinda bizarre to ignore the biggest portion of your market.

Shock Me

This can be done with any 3G USB modem. Just turn on Internet sharing.

Jan Fuellemann

@ MyRightEye:

launch2net currently supports the international GSM/HSPA standard, using by more than 95% of all network providers around the earth. In the US, AT&T, T-Mobile and others are using GSM.

Unfortunately, Verizon and Sprint use another system, called CDMA, which is not compatible to the modem and networks of the other vendors and networks.

We will of course look into supporting Verizon and Sprint, but this might take some time.

Thank you very much for your thoughts!

Kind regards,

Jan Fuellemann (nova media)


Well Verizon has most of the 3G market. So if you want to limit yourself to the 2nd biggest player only, that your choice. Just not a wise one.

Jan Fuellemann

@ MyRightEye: Just do not forget that we are a german company and based in Berlin. So we can test the GSM/HSPA market and sell into the worldwide market. But we can not get the Veriton/Sprint modems here, neither test them. But if you are using Verizon and have a modem, perhaps we can set something up. Contact me at in this case.


Jan Fuellemann (nova media)

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