Launch2Net Updated with Snow Leopard Compatibility for Mobile Phone Connections

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Nova Media announced Monday the release of Launch2Net Launch2Net is a connection utility that automatically configures your Mac to tether to hundreds of third party mobile phones for use as a mobile modem. The update adds Snow Leopard compatibility between those phones and your Mac.

Launch2Net includes the settings you need on your Mac, understands the needs of most of the world's local mobile phone carriers out of the box, and offers statistical information (time and data throughput) for connections made.

The update is free to registered users and the full version is priced at US$49.90 (€49.90).

Launch2Net Screenshot
Launch2Net Screenshot



If you have been using a 3G modem to access the mobile Internet, you might have run into some problems with 10.6 as many 3G modem drivers were not compatible with Snow Leopard. For users of launch2net, a mobile Internet connection manager from Berlin based nova media, the disconnected times are finally over.

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