Laurene Powell Jobs Invests in Media Company Focused on Change

Laurene Powell JobsLaurene Powell Jobs
Source: Wikimedia

Laurene Powell Jobs—the widow of Steve Jobs—has put some of her vast wealth to work backing a media company focused on change. The company, Ozy Media, aims to write content for the "change generation," short hand for people who actively embrace change.

Ozy Media was founded by Carlos Watson, a veteran journalist whose resume includes a stint as an anchor on MSNBC and time with CNN. The company is based in Mountain View, CA, and is being backed by a number of Silicon Valley high profile investors, including Mrs. Jobs, Larry Sonsini of law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, angel investor Ron Conway, CEO Dan Rosensweig; and David Drummond, chief legal officer a little company called Google.

According to Fortune magazine's Miguel Helft, Mrs. Jobs is serving on Ozy's board of directors and may also contribute content. All of which makes Ozy a well-funded, brand new media company—Ozy won't officially launch until September of 2013—in an era when media companies are struggling to make money.

Carlos WatsonOzy Media Founder Carlos Watson

What might have attracted such luminaries is Ozy's planned model of focusing on just a few carefully selected stories each day, creating a premium brand in the process. Ozy's targeted demographic—that "change generation"—isn't so much an age group as it is people of all ages who readily embrace change.

"They're a group that won't just tolerate things that are different but embrace things that are different," Carlos Watson told Fortune in a separate story focusing just on Ozy Media (the story is behind a paywall).

Laurene Powell Jobs largely led a private life until the death of her fabulously famous husband, Steve Jobs, in October of 2011. Since then she has maintained her personal privacy, even while harnessing her immense wealth to invest in and champion causes and businesses she believes in.

She is the founder and chairwoman of the Emerson Collective, a philanthropic organization active in a number of social causes. She also sits on the boards of a number of other philanthropic and charity organizations, many of which are in the Bay Area.

In 2012, she was the guest of First Lady Michelle Obama at the State of the Union address.