Leak Hints at MacBook Update with Faster Processor

Apple’s 13-inch unibody plastic MacBook looks to be primed for an update if a new product leak proves to be accurate. The alleged MacBook update will include a faster processor and better graphics support than the current model, according to Tinhte.com.

The Web site claimed the updated MacBook will sport the same white plastic unibody shell, an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz processor, 2GB RAM, a GeForece 320M video card with 256MB RAM, and a 250GB hard drive. The site also showed photos of packaging it claimed was for the updated laptop, along with photos of the laptop’s display showing the System Profiler application running.

Tinhte.com is the same Web site the showed off photos only a few days ago of what looked to be a newer fourth generation iPhone prototype than the one that Gizmodo recently bought in California.

Apple is usually tight-lipped about upcoming product announcements, and this case is no different. Until the company officially announces a MacBook update, this leak should be viewed as yet another Apple-related rumor — although a fairly plausible one.