Leak Hints at New MacBook Air Models This Week

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Apple may be planning on refreshing its MacBook Air lineup in the next few days, assuming an unnamed source claiming to have insider information is right.

The insider source, according to Macworld Australia, claimed to have knowledge of Apple’s product level and product refresh plans, and also said a new product number has shown up in the company’s database. The new product code MC516LL/A K87 BETTER BTR-USA, according to the unnamed source, is thought to reference an updated MacBook Air model.

Apple last updated the MacBook Air nearly a year ago in June 2009. The current model sports an Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at 1.86GHz or 2.13GHz. Rumors have suggested that the next MacBook Air update could introduce Intel Core i5 processors.

Just to muddy the rumor waters, there’s also speculation that the product number could represent a new 27-inch Cinema Display.

Since Apple typically introduces product updates on Tuesdays, there’s a chance we’ll know tomorrow whether or not new computers are on the way.

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Ashley Grayson

I’ve been predicting (i.e. chanting/conjuring/hoping for) a 15” version of the Air for the past 8 months. A 4GB, big hard disk, Air that’s 2 pounds lighter than the 15” MBP would be just fine. I’d happily trade the optical disk for less weight. I’ve also been expecting a new Cinema display too; so either way, I’d have something to buy.


As there is no new CPU in the MacBook Air’s range, either it gets the new MacBook Pro’s GeForce 320M, replacing the 9400M. It seems more likely the old 30” Cinema HD is about to be replaced.

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