Leaked CAD Renderings Claim to Show iWatch Design

What looks like a set of CAD renderings for Apple's rumored iWatch have surfaced, showing the body design, biometric sensor panel, and more. The device is expected to be announced at the iPhone and iPad maker's special media event on Tuesday, September 9, along with the iPhone 6.

The CAD renderings showed up on Reddit, and later made their way to Imgur. The Reddit post claimed the iWatch will have a built-in mic and speaker with Siri voice command support, no external ports, and a "flexible multi-touch screen will add a new dimension to the UI."

Cad rendering showing the iWatch bodyCad rendering showing the iWatch body

Assuming the iWatch does have Siri support, that means the device must also have some form of Internet connection unless the voice control features will be very limited. That connection would likely come via WiFi, or if Apple chooses to follow Samsung's lead and make the iWatch nothing more than an accessory, it could use the iPhone's wireless data connection.

Since there aren't any external ports, the device will likely use some kind of wireless charging system. The person that posted the images claimed the built-in battery will last for more than a day. They also said Apple's smart watch will be waterproof to 20 meters, and will be available in two sizes with four color choices.

Apple has been rumored to be working on a smart watch device that will include a set of sensors to track how many steps you take, heart rate, sleeping patterns, and more. So far, actual components have failed to appear online.

The iWatch sensor panelThe iWatch sensor panel

The device is expected to get its official unveiling at Apple's September 9 media event, and considering the company has invited media and bloggers from the fashion industry to attend, it's very likely we'll get to see the company's first attempt at wearable technology.

Some of the CAD renderings include the Quanta logo, which is an indicator that Apple won't be building the iWatch in the United States. With so little about the iWatch surfacing ahead of tomorrow's media event, it seemed likely production was happening in the U.S. in an Apple-owned facility, much like the Mac Pro.

The Reddit leak also claimed Apple will start production in January, and the launch timeline hasn't been finalized yet. They added, "This is the most complex and expensive product to manufacture to date."

While the renderings are compelling, there isn't any reason -- at least not yet -- to assume they're legit. Apple isn't saying anything about the renderings, although the company may have staged a leak of its own with a report that Senior Vice President of Design Jonathan Ive has been bragging about how cool the iWatch is.

The Mac Observer will be on location at Apple's media event tomorrow with our usual live coverage and analysis. The event is set to start at 10 AM pacific time. Be sure to check in to hear the latest about Apple's announcements.

[Thanks to 9to5 Mac for the heads up]