Leaked Inventory List Shows 24 New 7- and 10-inch iPad Models

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There will soon be a total of 24 iPad models across multiple sizes, capacities, and colors, according to inventory SKUs obtained independently by AppleInsider and 9to5Mac Tuesday. While the exact devices that correspond to each SKU are not yet known, it is likely that they represent a mix of both new “iPad mini” devices and updated thinner and lighter third-generation iPads with the new Lightning Connector.

9to5Mac iPad SKUsList of iPad models via 9to5Mac.

The list of SKUs identifies four basic models — P101, P103, P105, and P107 — with “Good, Better, Best” distinctions and “A” and “B” differentiators. It is unclear if the “Good, Better, Best” identifiers refer to capacity or wireless capability, although the “A” and “B” options likely identify black and white color choices.

AppleInsider iPad SKUsList of iPad models via AppleInsider.

With the seven- to eight-inch tablet category already crowded with options from companies like Google, Amazon, Samsung, and Barnes & Noble, it is expected that Apple will aggressively price its entry level “iPad mini,” with some purportedly leaked price lists suggesting a US$250 starting point for an 8 GB model.

Apple is expected to introduce the “iPad mini” by the end of this month, likely on Wednesday, October 24. It is also rumored that the new iPad’s unveiling will be joined by the introduction of a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro and updated iMacs and Mac minis.

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My prediction:

Good 16Gb $199
Better 32Gb $299
Best 64Gb $399
Good 16Gb $299
Better 32Gb $399
Best 64Gb $499

Available in black or white


Geoduck ~ I never thought there would be any iPad Mini model at $199, but your $100 jumps make sense, and the overlaps make sense, and holding at not-to-exceed $500 makes sense.  Ergo, everything you predicted makes sense.

I’m all-in.


my guess:
8gb $250
16gb $350
32gb $450
64gb $550
( add a additinal $100 at model for cell)
i think if people love apple, a $350 ipad vs $250 nexus7 would be competive.( both 16 gb)

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