Leaked iPhone 6 Sapphire Glass gets Durability Test

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Apple hasn't confirmed any features for the next iPhone model, but that hasn't stopped parts from leaking onto the Internet, and the latest shows a 4.7-inch display put through some serious abuse. Assuming the video is legit, it backs up bigger display rumors and shows the glass for the next model is surprisingly durable.

YouTube video maker Marques Brownlee subjected what looks to be the surface glass from an iPhone to knife stabs and scratches, key scratches, and extreme bending. In the end, the only marks on the glass were his fingerprints. The glass also offered amazing clarity and didn't show any distortions or color shifting.

Apple has been rumored to be using its own sapphire glass for the next iPhone model's display. If the display glass Mr. Brownlee managed to get ahold of is for the iPhone 6, and actually is synthetic sapphire glass, then Apple's need for Corning's Gorilla Glass will be coming to an end very soon.

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If this really is Apple's 4.7-inch iPhone 6 sapphire glass display, good luck scratching it, and say goodbye to screen protectors.

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The best Apple parts demo I’ve ever seen.  The presenter spoke well and smoothly, demo’d features well and answered the questions i would ask, and the video was well-edited. Nicely done.


I said goodbye to screen protectors long ago. I carry my iPhone 5 in my front pocket with keys and it’s never been scratched. (I don’t TRY to scratch it mind, you but it’s still as good as it ever was.)

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