Leaked iPhone 7 Case Supports no Headphone Jack Rumor

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Rumors have been claiming the iPhone 7 won't include a headphone jack and instead will rely on Bluetooth or the Lightning port for audio out, and now what purports to be a leaked case for the smartphone backs that up.

Leaked iPhone 7 case pic shows 3.5mm headphone port is goneLeaked iPhone 7 case pic shows 3.5mm headphone port is gone
(image via @onlinks)

The images of a case that look like they're for an updated iPhone design first appeared on the @OnLeaks Twitter account. Assuming they're legit, and not mocked up only on speculation, the next iPhone may do away with the headphone jack port and gain stereo speakers.

Based on early reports, Apple will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack with the launch of the next iPhone, presumably this fall. Removing the component frees up space for other design elements such as stereo speakers or a waterproof body.

Reports also claim the next iPhone will sport dual rear-facing cameras, although it appears that will be an iPhone 7 Plus-only feature.

Assuming Apple follows its usual pattern the next iPhone refresh will come around September, so we still have a few months to wait for the official word on new features.

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On one hand it sucks to lose the headphone jack we've been using since the 1980s. On the other hand, we could get much better audio quality once the digital to analog converter (DAC) moves from our iPhones to our headphones.

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It breaks various peripherals too, not just headphones. I really don’t want to upgrade if there’s no headphone jack. Whenever Apple does that kind of thing with their desktops/laptops I try not to update too soon so I can maximize the life of my old peripherals or else get a converter. I don’t think there’s going to be a converter from headphone jack to bluetooth for non-audio devices like game controllers and Thermodo (thermometer).

Will this be the issue that finally stops my 2 year upgrade cycle? Will I switch to 3 years? 4 years? My desktop/laptop cycle stretches to over 5 years for a single device, but I upgrade alternating devices (desktop mid 2011, laptop late 2012, wife’s desktop mid 2014). It seems unthinkable to use the same iPhone for 5 years, given the rate of progress but also that the battery is usually starting to show its age after a couple years.

I still haven’t figured out my iPad upgrade cycle. I still use the iPad Retina and iPad Mini (original) so the most recent of those is late 2012 and I’ve never replaced one. The only thing I might be interested in is an iPad Mini retina with Apple Pencil support, which seems very unlikely.


I have a nice pair of two year old $140 SkullCandy headphones. I do not want to retire them just because Apple decides wires are bad. For that matter my experience with BlueTooth mice and keyboards has been uninspiring. Invariably they’re out of charge when I really want to use them.  I would not be happy with this if it comes to pass.

Lee Dronick

we could get much better audio quality once the digital to analog converter (DAC) moves from our iPhones to our headphones.

How much better? Would only audiophiles notice the difference? And has Webjprgm points out it breaks all sorts of gadgets unless we use a clunky adapter. Oh, and the iPhone is thin enough already.

Paul Goodwin

Lee. I agree. If the audio DAC moves out of the iPhone, for headphones to stay competitive in price to the non-DAC headphones, the DACs will be cheaper or the rest of the headphone will be cheaper. Same for Bluetooth. All DACs are not great for audio, and some are bad. And as geoduck says, who of us that have good expensive headphones wants to go out and pay for a quality external DAC adapter? I still think this would be a terrible thing for Apple to do. Other than making the iPhone thinner, what is the benefit to the user? My iPhone 5s is thin enough.

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