Leaked Photos Show Finished and Working iPhone 6

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With Apple's rumored iPhone 6 media event less than a month away, leaked photos showing what appears to be the next version of the company's smartphone are finally surfacing. The pics include shots of the device's screen and seem to confirm the new model will be bigger than the 4-inch iPhone 5S.

The photos landed in the hands of the tabloid site TMZ which said the iPhone in the shots was smuggled out of the Foxconn factory in China where it was assembled. The iPhone 6 in question was apparently snatched by an employee who used to work in Foxconn's hardware department and was involved in designing the device's outer case.

TMZ's photo of the iPhone 6 displayTMZ's photo of the iPhone 6 display

Apple hasn't confirmed the new iPhone model yet. Rumors claim it will sport a 4.7-inch display instead of the 4-inch version found on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, and that a 5.5-inch model may be coming, too. The iPhone 6 is said to include an improved processor and cameras, longer battery life, and a redesigned body that more closely matches the iPad Air and iPad mini.

TMZ's photo showing the raised camera bezelTMZ's photo showing the raised camera bezel

The photos seem to back up at least the screen size and body redesign rumors, show the volume buttons on the opposite side of the device compared to previous models, and show the camera lens protruding from the phone's back just like the current iPod touch models.

Apple is expected to hold a special media event on September 9 to introduce the new iPhone models. If the company follows its usual routine, pre-orders will start three days later on Friday, September 12 and the device will be in stores a week later on September 19.

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It's just about the right time for photos of completed iPhone 6 models to appear. Assuming they're legit, the new iPhone will be much taller and wider than the iPhone 5S.

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