Leaked Images of Next iPhone Show Smaller Dock Connector, More

Images of several leaked parts purportedly belonging to the next generation iPhone surfaced today from 9to5Mac and repair companies iFixyouri and uBreakiFix. The parts, the front and back case of the forthcoming iPhone, are made of a new aluminum alloy and have a taller form factor that matches recent rumors.

As noted by 9to5Mac, the rear part of the phone incorporates both the back panel and sides of the device, in contrast with the current iPhone 4S, in which the sides are part of the front panel of the phone.

iPhone 5 Leaked BackImage via 9to5Mac.

The leak also shows a smaller dock connector that allows for larger speaker and microphone grills on the bottom.  A new dock connector, if realized, would make the next iPhone only the second iDevice to exclude the ubiquitous 30-pin connection that has persisted since the third generation of the original iPod in 2003 (the first two iPods used a FireWire connection).

Since then, only the iPod Shuffle, which initially used a direct USB connection, and now a special headphone adapter, to transfer data and power does not employ the 30-pin dock connector. Whether this new dock connector will utilize Thunderbolt or remain a propriety USB adaptation remains unknown.

Leaked iPhone 5 BottomImage via uBreakiFix.

Also on the bottom of the case is what appears to be a headphone connection. While the iPod touch has its headphone jack on the bottom of the device, all iPhones to date have placed the headphone jack on the top.

The phone’s antenna is now part of the back plate as well, creating additional room inside the case which will likely be utilized by the larger battery necessary to deliver the power necessary for LTE radios.

On the leaked front panel, the much rumored larger screen is clearly evident, although not much else has changed. The home button remains in its familiar location and the FaceTime camera has been moved from the left of the earpiece to the top.

Leaked iPhone 5 Front and BackImage via 9to5Mac.

From a network connectivity standpoint, the leaked case continues to use the Micro SIM standard currently found on the iPhone 4 and 4S. The Nano-SIM standard strongly pushed by Apple does not appear ready for production as it still faces controversy and industry standards hurdles.

The leaked cases can be seen in both black and white, the colors that current iPhones are offered in, but iFixyouri also claims to have the same parts in two other unspecified colors.

While some have predicted the next iPhone to be announced at WWDC in June, most expect the phone to make its debut this Fall.