Leaked Schematic Details Next Generation iPhone

A leaked schematic purporting to represent the next generation iPhone was received on Wednesday by Cydia Blog. The document’s design correlates with the leaked images of the next iPhone’s front and back case, which was revealed Tuesday.

Leaked Next Gen iPhone BlueprintImage via Cydia Blog.

According to the document, the opening in the case for the device’s display measure approximately 4.1 inches, slightly larger than the anticipated 4-inch display that has been predicted. Whether the display will actually be 4.1 inches or the extra tenth of an inch is simply extra padding is not clear from the drawing.

The schematic also confirms the repositioning of the FaceTime camera on the front of the device. The current iPhone 4S’s FaceTime camera is located to the left of the earpiece. The new design centers it above the earpiece.

Cydia Blog has not yet released higher quality images or details of the schematic, so it is difficult to judge its authenticity at this point. A first look, however, strongly supports other rumors about the next iPhone and, if it does not represent the eventual product, may still be the design of an early prototype.

The next generation iPhone (we’re reluctant to call it the “iPhone 5” after Apple changed its naming conventions with the launch of the third-generation iPad) is expected to be released this fall.

[via 9to5Mac]