Leaked Screenshots Reportedly Show New Apple Maps App in iOS 6

Apple Maps BGR Mockup iOS 6BGR’s mockup of the new Apple Maps App in iOS 6

Apple will launch its own Maps service as part of iOS 6, according to reportedly leaked screenshots obtained Tuesday by Boy Genius Report. The move, if realized, will supplant Google Maps, removing a key Google service that has been part of iOS since the first iPhone’s launch in 2007.

The new maps app will culminate years of rumors and speculation as Apple has slowly acquired mapping technologies and talent, and continues to seek job candidates related to new mapping techniques.

According to BGR, the Apple Maps app will feature a “refreshed” user interface and an all-new “3D” mode that blends 3D models with aerial photography. The app is said to be near completion and is running on a test build of iOS 6 labeled “10A3XX.”

It is also possible that the app will see the first implementation of Apple’s improved traffic service, which was revealed by the company during its response to last April’s iOS location tracking controversy.

Apple’s new Maps app, likely included as part of iOS 6, is expected to be unveiled at the keynote for the annual World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday, June 11 at 10AM PDT.

While the screenshots obtained by BGR show only a blurry glimpse of the UI and a 2D map mode, the site’s “trusted source” provided enough information to compile a mockup of the 3D mode, shown right. The reportedly leaked screenshots can be found at BGR.