Lensbaby Introduces First Mobile Lens Product, Upcoming Product Prototype

NEW YORK CITY — Lensbaby, maker of add-on lenses for SLR and mirrorless cameras, was showing its first mobile product at the recent PhotoPlus Expo show. Chris Link, Sales Manager, gave us a demo of the Lensbaby LM-10, and also showed us a prototype of a soon to be released product.

For the uninitiated, Lensbaby creates lenses that offer effects such as selective focus, blur, tilt and more that most would have to spend time in Photoshop or other editing program to achieve. Up until a few months ago, the lenses were made for full sized SLRs such as Canon and Nikon. But the introduction of the LM-10 changes all that.

The LM-10 is their first lens for Android and iPhone mobile cameras. This lens offers a “sweet spot” effect, in that you can choose a portion of the image to be in focus, and the rest of the image will be blurred.


Lensbaby LM-10 and Clip Prototype

To use the lens, you first need to place the included magnetic adhesive ring around your phone’s existing lens, place the LM-10 on the ring, run the Lensbaby app to help you position the spot of focus around you screen, then shoot away. In the not too distant future, you won’t need to use the magnetic adhesive ring. We were shown a prototype of a clip that will allow you to use not only the LM-10, but Photojojo lenses too.

The Lensbaby LM-10 is available now for $69.95.  The clip will be available in weeks and should be priced at $9.95.