Leshi TV CEO Says Apple is Hitler

Leshi TV CEO Jia Yueting kicked his hyperbole engine into overdrive and is equating Apple to Adolph Hitler. His company went so far as to release a vaguely South Park-style image online of the Nazi leader, complete with an Apple logo on a red arm band.

The over the top comparison is part of Leshi TV's marketing campaign for its soon to be released smartphone. The campaign equates Google's Android OS—which their smartphone will use—to freedom, and Apple's iOS to arrogance and tyranny.

Lechi TV CEO Jia Yueting compares Apple to Adolph HitlerLechi TV CEO Jia Yueting compares Apple to Adolph Hitler

Jia Yueting wrote on his Weibo page, "Under the arrogant regime of iOS domination that developers around the world love yet hate, we are always carefully asking, 'is this kind of innovation okay?'" according to The Verge. Weibo is China's most popular online social network.

Presumably, Leshi TV is trying to push the idea that Google's Android platform is better for smartphones and consumers than Apple's closed and tightly controlled ecosystem, and not that the iPhone is the harbinger of totalitarian governments and genocide.

Hopefully Leshi TV's new smartphone will be in better taste than its CEO's promotional tactics.