Letterbox Beta Adds Snow Leopard Mail Support

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Mac OS X 10.6 users that prefer a three column view in Apple's Mail application are in luck now that Letterbox beta 4 is available. Letterbox is a Mail plug-in that lets users switch from Mail's default three pane view to a three column view.

Letterbox beta 4 supports Mail in 64-bit mode, but is since it isn't a finished product yet, is missing a few features. It doesn't, for example, include an automated installer so users will have to add the plug-in to their Mail Bundles directory manually. The beta also isn't compatible with Sparkle-based updating.

For more information on Letterbox, check out The Mac Observer's Quick Tip on using the plug-in with Mail.

Letterbox beta 4 is donationware and is available for download at Aaron Harnly's Web site.

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