Letters from Steve: iTunes LP Coming to New Apple TV

iTunes LP and iTunes Extras content is “Coming” to Apple’s new generation of Apple TV, according to a one word e-mail reportedly sent by Apple CEO Steve Jobs to a customer. The feature, which is available on iTunes for Mac OS X and Windows, was available on previous Apple TV models that ran on Mac OS X (running Apple TV 3.0), but is currently missing on the new Apple TV, which is runs on iOS.

MacRumors ran an e-mail from Conor Winders of Redwind Software who asked Steve Jobs the following:

I’ve been a massive fan of the original Apple TV since it launched, in fact I have 2 of my own and have bought a fair few as gifts over the years. So as soon as the new Apple TV was released I bought one. Overall it’s a fantastic update for me as I always stream from my Mac mini anyway. But here’s the kicker - Where are iTunes Extras and iTunes LP gone? I’ve purposely been buying content with those features just for my Apple TVs. And now the features are unusable on my new box?! Is there an update coming to fix this?

According to Mr. Winders, Steve Jobs replied with a simple “Coming” response.

iTunes LP is a format Apple developed for including extra content in an album purchased on iTunes. Modeled after the old LP vinyl experience, iTunes LP albums included such things as liner notes, photos, videos, and other added material to make the experience of listening to a record more than just listening to a record.

iTunes Extras, on the other hand, was the way Apple bundled bonus content from movies, similar to the way many DVDs contain “extra” material. Gag reels, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes, and similar content can be found in iTunes Extras for movies.

If Mr. Winder’s response did indeed come from Apple CEO Steve Jobs, owners of the new Apple TV can expect to have access to this material in the future.

iTunes Extras & iTunes LP

iTunes Extras & iTunes LP