LG Announces Fitness Wristband, Headphones To Ship May 18

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LG has announced two new products; a wristband style fitness tracker, and a set of headphones that can track the user’s heart rate. Electronista reports that both products are launching in the U.S. on May 18th with worldwide rollout happening after that. 

If those headphones sound familiar, it might be because we recently heard about an Apple flavored version of headphones with exactly this functionality, which turned out to be something made up and posted by a user on Secret.

LG’s other product, the Lifeband Touch, is a wristband that shows phone notifications and controls music playing from the phone. With accelerometers and an altimeter for tracking activity, the Lifeband Touch integrates with both LG’s own fitness app and other popular tracking apps such as RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal.

We have all sorts of evidence that Apple is up to something similar, and hopefully all will become clear at WWDC next month. Amongst the "chatter" in the run-up to this year's conference we have seen very persistent rumors of something Apple is doing that can possibly be worn on the wrist. LG's devices are both listed as Android and iOS compatible, so if it is available a month or more before Apple's is released, there might be competition for Apple's device-to-be before Apple even gets one out the door, which might change the landscape.

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Cool! I'm disappointed the Apple version was made up, but I like the idea that someone discovered a cool thing headphones can do besides putting music straight into my ears. I wonder if the Lifeband Touch is what has caused the flood of Apple "wearable" rumors. Either way it is nice to see some innovation and I can't wait till these are out and about so I can get my hands on them both and see what they are like. Hopefully I'll have an Apple device to compare it to before much longer.

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