LG Claims Apple Will Announce an iMac 8K in 2015, But Don't Count on It

LG Electronics is claiming through a press release that Apple will announce an iMac 8K in 2015. Apple hasn't announced such a product, of course, and the company was already on the bleeding edge of ultra high definition with the iMac 5K, announced just this past fall.

The press release in question is a sort of general-interest announcement touting the wonders of 8K displays. It was released on March 31st, but came to attention Monday when Reddit users noticed [via MacRumors] the Apple mention [emphasis added]:

It has become clear that Japan is planning to launch an 8K SHV test broadcast and then promptly restructure the UHD service. Apple has also announced that they will release the ‘iMac 8K’ with a super-high resolution display later this year. Korea is also preparing to offer an 8K service demonstration at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. LG Display displayed a new beacon of the 8K era by revealing their 98-inch 8K Color Prime Ultra HDTV at CES 2015.

8K is a still-developing ultra high resolution display technology. In LG's example chart shown below, the 8K display would have a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320. That's twice the resolution and four times the number of pixels as a 4K display.

Resolution Comparison Chart

Resolution Comparisons
Credit: LG Electronics

In the comparison below, LG made the case for how much detail could be included in an 8K image:


Credit: LG Electronics

Interestingly, the press release has included this Apple mention for a week. LG is one of Apple's main display suppliers, and one would think that hell would rain down from Cupertino on LG for making such a claim. Those thunderheads may or may not be building over South Korea, but as of this writing, the above quote is still in the press release.

One thing is certain, however: LG's public relations team has no idea what products Apple will be announcing later this year. While it's likely that Apple would be one of the first—if not the first—companies LG would work with to test such a display, Apple's actual product plans aren't filtering down to the local flacks in charge of gussying up an 8K promo piece.

In addition, it seems quite unlikely that Apple would release such a product. The company shipped one of the world's first 5K computer displays this past fall with the 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display (Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus called it the best Mac ever). At the time, Apple made a point of saying it had to invent all manner of technologies to make the 5K display work. Here we are several months later, and 4K is still fighting for a presence in the marketplace.

GPUs, connectors, software, and a laundry list of other things will have to be released before an iMac 8K is even conceivable, let alone practical. As such, I wouldn't put much into this one line from a supplier's PR department. It's little more than a case of the right hand being distantly aware that somewhere there's more than likely a left hand that's probably doing something. And then writing about it.