LG Can’t Keep Up with iPad Display Demand

LG can’t make displays fast enough for the iPad multimedia tablet, adding to Apple’s production bottleneck headaches. The limited LCD panel supply may force Apple to delay some of its international iPad launches, according to Reuters.

“Demand (from Apple) keeps growing and we can’t meet it all,” said LG Display CEO Kwon Young-soo. “Apple may have to delay launches of the iPad for some countries due to tight component supplies and strong demand.”

“We are considering increasing production lines for iPad products but overall supply is likely to remain tight until early next year,” he added.

Industry analysts expect iPad demand to continue growing, potentially making LG’s supply limitations a big headache for Apple.

LG’s warning that it can’t build iPad displays fast enough comes at the same time that the company announced it is planning on cutting back on production because of weak demand for LCD TVs. “We are now running at full capacity but we are considering production cuts in August,” Kwon Young-soo said.

He didn’t say whether or not those cutbacks would impact iPad display production, but did confirm the reductions “will be smaller than the industry average.”