LG Plans Android Tablet with Focus on Content Creation, not Consumption

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Content creation, rather than consumption, will be the key to competing with Apple’s iPad, according to Chang Ma, vice president of marketing for LG’s mobile phone division. Mr. Ma said his company is working on an Android-based tablet that it says will excel in its ability to create content, adding, “It’s going to be surprisingly productive.”

The comments came in an interview with The Wall Street Journal who spoke to Mr. Ma about his company’s efforts to get competitive in the smartphone market. LG is planning on releasing ten new smartphone models by the end of 2010, smartphones based on Android, and sell five million of the devices before the year is out.

Though a major mobile handset maker, LG has behind the curve in the smartphone market, the (relatively small) segment of the market where the big profits currently lie. To ramp up its position in this segment, LG plans to sacrifice profitability while it ramps up R&D and marketing spending for these smartphones.

This same division will also be working on this super-creative tablet, though as our friends at Electronista pointed out, Mr. Ma didn’t elaborate on exactly how its tablet would be more capable when it comes to content creation than iPad, or for that matter, any other Android tablet.

Still, LG is a global electronics giant — much bigger than Android-powerhouse HTC — and it is possible that it will be able to push the Android tablet market (that doesn’t really exist yet) forward in a way that can challenge Apple.

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Did anybody bother to tell these other “tablet” manufacturers that Google has screwed them all? They plan on releasing their tablet based on Chrome OS NOT Android.

How long will Android actually be around after that!


Mr. Ma said his company is working on an Android-based tablet that it says will excel in its ability to create content, adding, ?It?s going to be surprisingly productive.?

Great words but words are cheep. They might be able to do what they say but until I see hardware it’s all vapourware.


All we hear are promises from the other tablet makers: “Just wait till you see…”, “Apple will be screwed when…”, “When this comes out it’ll kill the iPad…”, blah, blah, blah. SHUT UP AND PUT SOMETHING OUT ALREADY! Competition is great, but to compete you have to ship.

All of the promises seem like desperate measures to keep shareholders from pulling the plug because they all got caught flatfooted by Apple again.

If the tablet is pressure sensitive and it would make a real digital sketchpad, then yeah it would be something nice, but we don’t know because IT DOESN"T EXIST.



Never mind “how” the tablet will be productive and content-creative, I’m more interesting in “what” kinds of content creation and productivity we’re talking about. Office-type apps such as Word and Excel? Creative Suite apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign? Final Cut Pro type apps for video editing, soundtrack creation, and motion graphics?

All of the above, to be anywhere decently productive, need a keyboard and mouse. I love my iPhone 4, and I envy a friend’s iPad, but there’s no way I’d attempt serious Photoshop or Illustrator work on either. I need the precision of a mouse. Even Word and Excel, though far less complicated than CS apps, need a real keyboard and mouse to be productive.

So what kinds of “productivity” will this thing support, assuming it ever sees the light of day?


Talk is nice but let’s see what your product can do.

While Apple sold the iPad as a consumption device in their pre-release build-up, it has already proven to be a pretty good content creation device on its own.  Witness the latest iPad commercial, or even Apple’s own iWork suite on the iPad.

Mark Hernandez

Yeah, LG should pull an Apple and say nothing and then blow everyone away with it’s “content creation” capabilities and catch Apple and everyone else with it’s pants down.  Why can’t they play that game too?


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