LG Ramps Up In-cell Displays, Possibly for iPhone

New LG displays likely headed for the next iPhoneLG Display and Sharp have apparently ramped up production of displays using in-cell technology, and sources think those are destined for Apple’s iPhone 4S replacement. The displays don’t require an extra touch-sensitive layer, making them thinner than the parts Apple is currently using.

LG had design issues with in-cell display technology, although company CEO Han Sang-beom told the Wall Street Journal those problems have been resolved. “We had some hard times at first, but it seems those hard times have finally ended,” he said.

By moving to in-cell display technology, Apple can free up space in the iPhone for a larger battery or extra features, and the former seems likely considering the company’s efforts to improve battery technology in its mobile products. The company could also simply make the next iPhone thinner since an in-cell display wouldn’t take up as much interior space.

Apple is expected to announce the next generation iPhone on September 12 and to begin shipping the combination iPod and smartphone on September 21, although the company hasn’t officially confirmed either yet.