Limera1n Jailbreak Goes Beta

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Yet another jailbreak utility for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad has hit the Web, this time in the form of a public beta version of Limera1n. The utility supports devices running iOS 4.0 or later, and the developer team even goes so far as to say the second generation is supported as well.

Limera1n jailbreaks the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Jailbreaking is a process where users hack their iOS devices so they can install and run unauthorized third-party apps that aren’t available through Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

The Limera1n jailbreak beta is Windows only for now, but the team says a Mac OS X-compatible version is on the way. The jailbreak tool supports the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, third and fourth generation iPod touch, and the iPad. Apple TV support is considered unofficial.

Limera1n is available as a free download at the limera1n Web site.

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Here’s a silly question…if a developer B can write a piece of software to hack another developer (A)‘s piece of software, what’s to stop A from writing a hack for B’s?

It’s an idea for a new reality show: Software Wars!


Apple TV support is considered unofficial.

It’s a jailbrake app. This is not a company. There is no warranty or other customer service. It’s some guy putting out an unauthorized piece of code that you use at your own risk.

How can anything it may ‘support’ be ‘official’?

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