Line Forms at NYC Apple Store One Week Before Media Event

Apple hasn't even had its media event, and yet people are already lining up at the company's 5th Ave. Apple Store in New York City. Dan Benton (@dcbandor) posted photos to Twitter of four people who were bundled up in portable chairs on the sidewalk a week ahead of Apple's September 9th media event.

Mr. Benton makes a good point, though it's technically seven days early: folks don't do this for Android devices. Market leader (by volume) Samsung can't even muster opening day lines, let alone folks lining up in anticipation of just the announcement.

And yet some folks want us to think "the thrill is gone."

It bears pointing out that the one week time frame only takes us through the media event. If the past several iPhone media events are any indication, these intrepid fans will have at least another three days to wait after that, as anything Apple announces won't be released until the 12th, at the earliest.

Apple is expected to announce large screen iPhone 6 models—two of them—as well as its foray into wearables (currently known as the iWatch). Apple should also offer more details on HealthKit and HomeKit, and recent rumors have said that Apple is putting together some kind of payment service with credit card companies.