Line 6 Releases MIDI Interface for iPhone, iPad

Line 6 announced Monday the release of, a new version of the company’s MIDI interface that works with Apple’s most recent versions of iPhone and iPod touch, as well as iPad. The device allows users to connect MIDI controllers (for instance, keyboards or drum pads) to their iOS device and play virtual instruments with them in apps like Apple’s GarageBand or Line 6’s own MIDI Memo Recorder.

Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer II

Line 6’s MIDI Mobilizer II

The interface is compatible with Apple’s Core MIDI framework that is built into iOS. That means it should work with any app that has also enabled Core MIDI support. In addition, it is a powered device that can draw power through your Dock port, and thus doesn’t require an external power supply.

The original MIDI Mobilizer works on iPhone and iPhone 3G, as well as the first two generation of iPod touch. MIDI Mobilizer II works on the newer generations of iOS devices, including iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation), iPhone (iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4), iPad and iPad 2.

The MIDI Mobilizer II is priced at US$69.99, and is available through Line 6’s website.