Lines Form for iPhone 4S Across the U.S.

As expected, lines formed overnight for the release of Apple’s new iPhone 4S. More than 100 people were waiting at Denver’s Flatiron Crossing Apple Store, and USA Today reported that another 200 people were waiting at the Fifth Ave. Apple Store in Manhattan. Hundreds more were waiting at London’s Covent Garden Apple Store, according to The Telegraph. As we reported earlier, The Woz was first in line at the Los Gatos, CA Apple Store.

Flatiron Crossing iPhone 4S Lines

Waiting in Line at Flatiron Crossing, in Denver, CO

Back at the Flatiron Crossing Apple Store location in Denver, our own Jeff Gamet was on hand before doors opened, where about 150 people were waiting for the launch event. Those numbers stayed steady for the first couple of hours, even as Apple moved customers through the transaction process.

iPhone 4S Lines at Flatiron Crossing

More iPhone 4S Lines at Flatiron Crossing