Lines Form for iPhone 4S Across the U.S.

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As expected, lines formed overnight for the release of Apple’s new iPhone 4S. More than 100 people were waiting at Denver’s Flatiron Crossing Apple Store, and USA Today reported that another 200 people were waiting at the Fifth Ave. Apple Store in Manhattan. Hundreds more were waiting at London’s Covent Garden Apple Store, according to The Telegraph. As we reported earlier, The Woz was first in line at the Los Gatos, CA Apple Store.

Flatiron Crossing iPhone 4S Lines

Waiting in Line at Flatiron Crossing, in Denver, CO

Back at the Flatiron Crossing Apple Store location in Denver, our own Jeff Gamet was on hand before doors opened, where about 150 people were waiting for the launch event. Those numbers stayed steady for the first couple of hours, even as Apple moved customers through the transaction process.

iPhone 4S Lines at Flatiron Crossing

More iPhone 4S Lines at Flatiron Crossing

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Ross Edwards

I swung by the Chandler Fashion Mall this morning before work, hoping for no line, but lines there definitely were.  (Chandler is an upper-middle-class suburb southeast of Phoenix… think Sugar Land if you’re a Texan.)

The Apple Store was the most slammed, but nearby ATT, Verizon, and Sprint stores had lines too.  Sprint’s were the shortest, followed by Verizon, but both were still long enough to ensure a wait.  There’s a larger Verizon company store (as opposed to franchisee) just south of the mall near the Target, and they had a couple dozen people, so that was probably the best prospect.

I was going to grab my VZ i4S before work, but even with the shorter VZ store line I couldn’t have gotten in and out in time to make meetings.  I’ll have to try a Phoenix VZ outlet at lunch and hope supply held out.  Maybe the Phoenix crowd isn’t as prone to discretionary spending as my yuppie/young-family Chandler neighbors.

Ross Edwards

Great success!

The Phoenix Verizon store on 16th street had heavy buyer volume, but also had a lot of staff and apparently a HUGE load of iPhones.  Even during the lunchtime rush, the staff was informing everyone in the line that there was plenty of each version in either color on hand and to pick whichever one they wanted.

I grabbed the black 32GB.  I didn’t need 64GB of headroom with as much cloud functionality as we’re getting now.  My wife asserted her prerogative to have the white iPhone 4S when her contract pops next spring, and we don’t want to have phones that are too difficult to tell apart.  So far, it’s awesome.


Went to Radio Shack to buy my wife’s birthday present. Traded in her iPhone 3gs for $100; which made the new one’s cost $99 plus tax. smile

No line (very rural area); but she got the last white phone in the store. She really loves the 4s and will go crazy with the camera.

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