LinkOptimizer Light 4.1.2 Adds Snow Leopard Support

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Zevrix Solutions announced Monday the release of LinkOptimizer Light 4.1.2, an update that adds support for Snow Leopard to the Adobe InDesign workflow automation solution for the Mac.

LinkOptimizer Light is intended to automate InDesign-related tasks such as image size manipulation within Photoshop based on the target project within InDesign. LinkOptimizer Light will automatically make those adjustments in Photoshop, and then import the result into InDesign, making for faster workflow and output.

As noted above, the update's main purpose is to add support for Snow Leopard to the product. The update is free to registered users of version 4.x, and upgrades from earlier versions are priced at $63.95. The full version is priced at US$159.95.

[Update: We updated the article with a typo correction and additional upgrade pricing information. - Editor]



ooh, that kind of link wink

So it’s a free update eh ?

Bryan Chaffin

Funny you should ask, Khaled - we’ve contacted the company to ask for clarification on upgrade pricing.

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