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The current preview version of Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” that has made it into the hands of developers includes a quiet tribute to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. AppleiGuide took a close look at the icon for a new feature in Lion called All My Files and found several quotes from Mr. Jobs used to illustrate the files.

All My Files is a new way of organizing (or accessing) your files bases on various user-determined criteria, such as file type, date created, date modified, last date opened, etc. As shown in the figure below, the icon is of a file drawer with white paper files and light-purple dividers — if you zoom in close enough, you’ll find quotes from Mr. Jobs and Apple’s Think Different campaign on the paper files.

For instance, on the front document is the phrase, “In most people’s vocabularies, design means veneer. It’s interior decorating. It’s the fabric of the curtains,” which continues below site as, “of the sofa. But to me, nothing could be further from the meaning of design. Design is the fundamental [soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.”

That quote came from an interview with Fortune magazine in January of 2000, and it’s just one of many included in the icon (visit AppleiGuide for the rest of them, or download the image below and zoom in with Preview or another image app).

It’s no surprise that Apple’s engineers would be interested in including a tribute to their boss in Lion, especially while he is on a medical leave of absence fighting health issues. The question, however, is whether or not this would count as an “Easter Egg.”

Long-time Mac users are likely to remember the rich history of awesome Easter Eggs in various pieces of Apple’s software, especially Mac OS, and even in some pieces of hardware, like the signatures of the Mac development team that were physically part of the case of the first Mac.

These ranged far and wide from images of developers in the ROM of the Mac Plus to the awesome 3D flag flying above Apple’s Cupertino HQ in Mac OS X 7.5.5 to 7.6.1. There are many and more, and it was known to be a game for Apple’s engineers to find new ways to hide new things in new versions of Apple’s software endeavors.

This came to an end shortly after Steve Jobs came back to Apple in 1997, however, as Mr. Jobs worked to rein in Apple’s corporate culture. While Mac fans loved finding the Easter Eggs, Mr. Jobs reportedly wanted everyone at Apple to know that engineers and developers couldn’t do their jobs without the support of sales, marketing, secretarial services, supports, and everyone else at the company, and those folks didn’t get their names and pictures in clever Easter Eggs.

To repeat our question, does this feature in All My Files count as an Easter Egg? Will these quotes — and they are fantastic quotes — still be used on the icon when Lion ships?

All My Files Icon

All My Files Icon

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Ted Landau

AppleiGuide to not specify exactly where this icon can be found. I did a fairly extensive search, both by name and .png and icns types, and it did not come up. I wonder where exactly it is.

Dirk R

Do a Get Info of All My Files and you will see the preview


Typo… Mr. Jobs worked to rein in Apple’s corporate culture, not reign.

Bryan Chaffin

Thanks, Hagen. I was able to fix that a bit ago. It’s a self-inflicted typo I can never seem to catch when self-editing, despite knowing the difference.

So thanks for the heads up. smile

Lee Dronick

Mr. Jobs worked to rein in Apple?s corporate culture, not reign

Homophones are knot cot buy spelling checkers. However, reign can kind of work in the statement if you consider Steve’s position as de facto King of Apple.


a self-inflicted typo I can never seem to catch

1. For 16 years I’ve worked with the Peace Education Foundation, and hardly a week goes by without me typing “Pecae.”

2. “All My Files”? didn’t Peter, Paul, and Mary sing that? Hmm… something like it… wink

Ted Landau

I did a fairly extensive search, both by name and .png and icns types, and it did not come up. I wonder where exactly it is.

I found it. It’s inside the Finder app package, which is located in /System/Library/CoreServices.

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