Lion: Using Exposé in a Mission Control World

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Exposé was a Snow Leopard feature that apparently didn’t get as much use as Apple would’ve liked, so most of its window arranging goodness was bundled into Lion’s Mission Control feature instead of remaining on its own. The change means most of Exposé’s window arranging control is available when you enter Mission Control view, but a couple of the feature’s keyboard shortcuts are still available, too.

Exposé’s Show Desktop and view all windows for the current application features are still available, and they still use the same keyboard shortcuts.

Mission Control still has some Exposé loveExposé lives on in Mission Control

To slide all windows out beyond the edge of your Desktop, use the F11 key. Tapping F11 again, or clicking the dark gray screen border, will slide all of your windows back into place.

Use F10 to view all of the windows for the active application in an easy to scan grid. F9, which previously displayed all of your open windows for every running application, now launches Mission Control — and the view looks very similar to Exposé from earlier versions of OS X.

Even though the Exposé name may be gone, at least its features live on, and that’s good news for people like me that rely on its window sliding goodness every day.



AMAZING!!  Expose is absolutely one of OS X’s best features!  Where Apple screwed it up was with the newest keyboards that have requiring a key combination (F3 + ?) to use for Expose instead of the original F9, F10 & F11 single keys.  (Yeah, you can switch it back somewhere. somehow but Apple still did it a disservice.)
I swear if Apple lets Expose fade away I will become a Pengiunista of the highest order!!  I kid you not!


I have to admit, Expos? was one of my favourite Snow Leopard features (I know, me and about three other blokes). I had organised my system with specific related applications opening in a given space. It allowed me to open multiple apps, but have a relatively uncluttered desktop, given that I work off of 17” MBP.

I was disappointed to see it removed from Lion, but quickly discovered that I could move apps to a space in Mission Control mode.

I still have to write that letter to Apple and ask for Expos? to be restored. I can see software engineers scrambling to comply even now.

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