Liquipel: Waterproof iPhones Without a Case

Las Vegas — Liquipel is hoping to cut down on headaches from water damaged iPhones with its self-named coating that protects your combo iPod and smartphone by preventing moisture from contacting the device’s sensitive electronic components. The coating doesn’t require a case, and keeps your iPhone dry even if it’s completely submerged in water.

Liquipel saves your iPhone from water damageLiquipel saves your iPhone from water damage

The company calls Liquipel “nano sided armor,” and as long as you aren’t deep sea diving, the coating works as advertised. Liquipel showed off its handiwork at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by pouring water over treated iPhones, which continued to work while the water beaded up and ran off their bodies.

The Liquipel protective barrier covers the outside of your iPhone as well as the electronics tucked inside. Once applied, it makes a permanent barrier that keeps water out.

Water beads up and runs off Liquipel-coated paperWater beads up and runs off Liquipel-coated paper

The company applies the coating for you, so you’ll have to ship your iPhone to them. Liquipel says it offers one-day turn around to help cut down on time without your phone.

The Liquipel application process costs US$59 plus shipping, and the company can water proof other smartphones, too.