LiveScribe Releases LiveScribe Desktop for Mac 1.0

| Product News

Oakland, California-based Livescribe Inc. announced the release of its Livescribe Desktop for Mac 1.0 software this week.Livescribe Desktop for Mac version 1.0 transfers notes and audio recordings from a Pulse smartpen to a Mac where they can be digitally stored, searched, and shared.

LiveScribe Desktop also lets users search for words within handwritten notes, export AAC audio files, connect to Livescribe Online to browse and upload notes and recordings, organize and manage LiveScribe recordings, print sheets for use with the Pulse pen, and more.

The Livescribe Desktop for Mac software is compatible with all Intel-based Mac computers with Mac OS X 10.5.5 or higher. The application is free and available for download at the LiveScribe Web site. A video demonstration of the software is also available at the LiveScribe Web site.

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Awesome - a truly revolutionary system!  I can easily see it becoming as big a culture-changing device as the iPod & the iPhone on the college campus & in the office. Perhaps even as big as the Xerox machine, eventually.

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