LiveScribe Launches (Beta) Application Store for Pulse Smartpen

PulseLiveScribe announced Thursday the launch of a beta version of an online Application Store for the company's Pulse smartpen product line. The Application Store is launching with 30 apps from third party developers that extend the Pulse smartpen into new areas.

Pulse is the company's digital pen that remembers what it writes or draws in ink on special paper, and can link that writing and/or drawing to audio recordings recorded by the device. The firm released Mac software for the Pulse in 2008, and the apps on the Application Store work for the Pulse whether or not it is being used with a Mac or Windows.

Apps being launched include Hangman Deluxe (US$4.99), where the player draws his own hangman set up and writes the letters being used. There are also several language translation apps ($2.99 each) where the user writes the word he wants translated, and Pulse reads and displays the translation.

LiveScribe also demonstrated for The Mac Observer an application called Guitar ($4.99) that lets the user draw a guitar fret board and strings, and then play chords and notes by running the pen across the drawn strings.

The company said it has more than 5,500 registered developers, and it expects to be releasing more apps going forward. The Application Store is currently available in select countries, including the U.S.

The Livescribe Pulse smartpen is available in two models: 2GB for $169.95 and 4GB for $199.95. A Pro Pack is also coming to market that includes a desktop charging stand and a case for the device. Installing and managing the new apps requires updating the LiveScribe Desktop software to version 2.0, which is available now.