Livescribe to Bring Pulse Smartpen Software to Mac

SAN FRANCISCO -- Livescribe is at this week's Macworld Expo showing off Livescribe Desktop 1.0 for Mac, software the transfers notes and audio recordings captured with its Pulse smartpen to a computer. Pulse captures handwriting while simultaneously recording audio, syncing the two so that users can tap on text to replay what was recorded at the moment they wrote it.

Livescribe Desktop 1.0 for Mac will be available as a free download on February 17. The developer said that it will include several Mac-only features, including the ability to export notes as PDF files or audio files in AAC format, as well as the ability to change the onscreen ink color of notes.

The Pulse smartpen is currently available in two versions: a 1GB model ($149) that stores over 100 hours of audio and a 2GB model ($199).

Livescribe also said that version 0.9 of its Pulse software development kit now supports application development on Mac and Windows. The company plans to open a Livescribe Store later this year to sell Pulse-compatible software, which will range from games to foreign language translators.