Lock Down Your Mac Pro with Apple's New Kensington-compatible Adapter

Seeing an empty space on the desk where your expensive new Mac Pro used to be will totally ruin your day, so Apple finally took steps to help keep that from happening by introducing a lock accessory for its pro level tower tube. The Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter was released this week and is compatible with the industry standard Kensington lock system.

Apple's new Mac Pro lock adapterApple's new Mac Pro lock adapter

Along with keeping your Mac Pro from wandering off, it clamps down the case so no one can open the machine and make off with your RAM or other removable components. It installs without any tools and sits on the back side of your Mac so yo udon't have to look at a clunky lock and cable sticking out.

The Mac Pro Security Lock is priced at US$49 and is available through Apple's online store.