Lodsys Sues Angry Birds Maker for Patent Infringement

Lodsys, well known for hitting third-party iPhone developers with patent infringement lawsuits over in-app purchase features, has ruffled a few feathers by going after Angry Birds developer Rovio. The filing alleges that Angry Birds for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, along with Angry Birds for Android, infringe on Lodsys-owned patents, according to Foss Patents.

Along with Rovio, Lodsys also filed infringement lawsuits against Electronic Arts for The Sims 3 for the iPhone, Atari for Atari’s Greatest Hits for iPhone and Atari’s Greatest Hits for iPad, Square Enix for Big Hit Baseball for iPhone and iPad, and Take-Two Interactive for 2K Sports NHL 2K11 for iPhone. As of now, Lodsys has listed 37 defendants in its patent infringement lawsuits.

Lodsys throws lawsuit at Angry BirdsLodsys lobs patent lawsuit at Angry Birds Maker

Lodsys has been alleging that even though Apple licensed its in-app purchase patent for the App Store that third-party developers wanting to offer the feature in their apps must pay licensing fees, too. Lodsys began filing its lawsuits after Apple stated the the licensing fees it pays to the patent holding company cover apps sold through its store.

“Apple is undisputedly licensed to these patent and the Apple App Makers are protected by that license,” the Apple’s legal team said in a letter to Lodsys. “There is no basis for Lodsys’ infringement allegations against Apple’s App Makers.”

Apple has filed a motion to intervene in the iOS app developer cases, and Lodsys has until July 27 to respond to the request.

Several Android app makers have been sued, too, although Google hasn’t made any kind of public statement about the cases.