Long Line at Microsoft Store Opening in Scottsdale [Video]

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Microsoft opened the first of its new fleet of Microsoft Stores Thursday in Scottsdale, Arizona, and, it turns out, people lined up to be among the first inside. A video posted by "microsoftstore" on YouTube shows a long line of people waiting some two hours before the store opened.

There had been much speculation as to whether or not the company could garner the kind of excitement and attention that Apple gets for its stores, and while the excitement per se might be missing from this line, the attention is certainly present.

The company also released Windows 7 Thursday, which is likely adding to the line. We also noticed that at least one of the people in the line was sporting a MacBook Pro.

Video posted by user "microsoftstore" on YouTube.

Thanks to Scott Knaster for the heads up via Twitter.

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Bryan Chaffin

Firstly, I am not being a fanboy or defensive with this post: I am seriously impressed Microsoft can get any kind of line for a store opening.

With that in mind, the line is surprisingly lifeless.  Most of those folks look more like their in line for a funeral compared to the lines I’ve personally seen at Apple Stores.

Secondly, the line is long, but it’s not 12 times longer than an Apple Store line, despite having 12 times the market share (in the U.S., more or less) - and keep in mind the Windows 7 debut has to have added to the line. [Edit: I just saw some pics of the line going way outside - it’s definitely a LONG line.  Going to follow up with another story relating to those pics.]

Lastly, what’s up with the gimpy bedsheet being used to cover the doors?


What makes you think they are not MSFT employees?

Any despondent girls on rollerskates chanting, “Microsoft Rocks!”?


line may look long but count the number of people. People are often 4 to 5 ft apart. I counted 170 people.Not that impressive

Lee Dronick

line may look long but count the number of people. People are often 4 to 5 ft apart.

These people being Windows users have long had concerns about getting a virus infection smile

Bryan Chaffin

Michel, check out the pics in our follow up piece:


It’s a legit line. smile

Lee Dronick

Considering the great amount of Windows users I would think that even if a small percentage of them went to the opening that the line would be long.

If they open one here in San Diego I would probably go check it out. Wearing on my Apple Store opening T-shirts of course

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