Looking At Apple's Secrecy: Steve Jobs Reiterates Summer Target For 3 GHz G5

W hen Steve Jobs announced the Power Mac G5 on June 23rd, during the WWDC, he made the surprise comment that the company would hit the 3 GHz mark in a year, and iterated that promise at Julyis Macworld CreativePro keynote. According to our friends at Macworld UK, Steve Jobs reiterated that goal during the Apple Expo keynote held Tuesday morning in Paris, France. The very short mention from the equally short Macworld UK story:

Apple CEO Steve Jobs repeated his promise that Power Mac G5 speeds would reach 3GHz "by next summer" at Apple Expo today.

Macworld UK also has some other information from the keynote, including the lack of a Panther release date, and the lack of some iPhoto features and an iTunes Music Store for the European market. Check out full story at Macworld UK for details.