Lost Steve Jobs “Ghostbusters” Video Surfaces

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Former Apple employee Craig Elliot’s library of company memorabilia includes internal videos Apple used for sales meetings, and he recently shared one that’s especially rare featuring Steve Jobs in a “Ghostbusters” parody called “Blues Busters.” Mr. Elliot recently shared the video with Bloomberg.

The video from 1984 served as a tool to help keep sales reps interested in staying with Apple instead of teaming up with IBM. At the time, IBM was actively recruiting Apple employees and posing a serious business threat to the Mac maker.

Other versions of the video have found their way to the Internet, but those don’t include the footage of Mr. Jobs. Thanks to Mr. Elliot, however, we can now see the Jobs cameo in the unedited version of the video.

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Don’t forget The Woz!


Lets all go around to Mr Elliot’s place and ransack his garage, and see what other gems he’s holding on to

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