M-Audio Posts Snow Leopard Beta Drivers for 7 Devices

M-Audio has posted a Snow Leopard page for information about driver updates for the operating system, including a list of seven audio products for which beta drivers have been released, and another 21 products for which drivers are in the works. Snow Leopard was released in August, and officially announced in June of 2008.

M-Audio currently a brand within the broader product lines of Avid's audio and video empire. Avid also owns DigiDesign, whose Pro Tools is also currently shy of Snow Leopard support.

The seven devices for which beta drivers are available:

  • Conectiv
  • Fast Track Ultra
  • Fast Track Ultra 8R
  • MobilePre USB
  • Producer USB
  • ProFire 2626
  • Xponent

Beta drivers are in development for:

  • Axiom Pro 25/29/61
  • Fast Track Pro
  • Fast Track USB
  • FireWire Audiophile
  • FireWire 410
  • FireWire 1814
  • FireWire Ozonic
  • FireWire Solo
  • JamLab
  • KeyStudio 49i
  • M-Audio Black Box
  • Micro USB
  • Midisport 2x2 & 4x4 Anniv. Ed.
  • NRV10
  • Ozone USB
  • Podcast Factory
  • ProFire Lightbridge
  • ProFire 2626
  • Project Mix I/O
  • ProKeys Sono 61/88
  • Transit

M-Audio also lists the following devices as being class-compliant - devices that don't need dedicated drivers to work in Snow Leopard, but whose operations are limited to 2 channels of audio in/out and MIDI functions (where applicable).

  • Black Box
  • Fast Track Pro (This reporter can confirm that Fast Track Pro does indeed offer this function in Snow Leopard.)
  • Fast Track USB
  • JamLab
  • KeyStudio 49i
  • Mobile Pre USB
  • Producer USB
  • ProKeys Sono 61 and 88
  • MicroTrack 24/96 & II (*no record or playback, just connectivity)

Several of these devices also have dedicated drivers in development for access to their full feature range. We will follow this page as it is updated.