Mac-Chi Releases WhoPaste 3.0

Mac-Chi announced the release of WhoPaste 3.0 on Tuesday. WhoPaste is an intelligent contact tool that allows users to capture and fill address queries.

WhoPaste 3.0 can determine the email-to-SMS address for most US mobile phones, detect existing matches in Address Book, execute post-process AppleScripts, retain the sender's email from Mail or Entourage, print to Dymo LabelWriters, archive source data, write to a watched folder, and manage hint files.

With WhoPaste installed Mac users can copy any contact information and without switching applications or navigating to a Web site, with a single keystroke they can create a new contact in their address book. WhoPaste, which is instantly available either as a hot key or a contextual menu.

New feature highlights include:

  • Spreadsheet support for extracting multiple contacts
  • Country based rules for phone number and postal code
  • Onscreen widgets for
  • Extensive support for drag and drop - Option drag for copy
  • Logging for trouble-shooting


WhoPaste 3.0

WhoPaste 3.0 is available for US$10.00 for a single machine license, and is a free update to existing owners.