Mac mini Production May Come to the US

After Apple CEO Tim Cook said that production for one Mac model would be coming to the United States, rumors suggesting he was talking about the Mac Pro or iMac surfaced, and now a new report claims the U.S.-bound model is the Mac mini.

New rumor adds Mac mini to the list of Macs Apple may build in the U.S.New rumor adds Mac mini to the list of Macs Apple may build in the U.S.

This latest rumor comes courtesy of DigiTimes and its unnamed upstream supply chain sources. Foxconn has been pegged as Apple's manufacturing partner, which isn't a big surprise since the contractor already has 15 facilities in the U.S., and builds many of Apple's products.

Apparently Foxconn is prepping to increase its U.S. workforce to accomodate Mac production as well.

Apple hasn't said which Mac model it plans to build in the U.S. and with the Mac mini in the rumor mix now, it probably won't be too long before we start seeing rumors about the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air circulating, too.

There isn't any verifiable information to back up the DigiTimes report, and the publication has a history of spotty accuracy with its rumors. None the less, the idea that Apple would start its U.S. production with a Mac model that's growing in popularity instead of the low volume Mac Pro is interesting and worth noting.