OS X Pages: Using Sections to Delete Document Pages

One of the questions I get asked most about the Pages application is how to delete specific document pages. The problem is that when you start with the blank template, for example, the program will flow your content into one long section, meaning that you won’t be able to delete just one page. You can see how this works by choosing View> Show Page Thumbnails, which’ll slide out a bar along the left side of your window.

It’s subtle, but can you see how all five of my pages are grouped within that yellow box? That indicates that they all belong to the same section. Because of that, if I click on the thumbnail for a specific page and press Delete, bad things will start happening.

OK, so you can’t remove individual pages within the same section, so how do you get a stinkin’ page out of there? What you’ll have to do is designate that page as its own section. To do that, just place your cursor at the top of the page you want to delete, and then choose Insert> Section Break.

Then when you click within your thumbnails, you’ll see that your page (and the ones following it) have been separated from the previous pages. 

Then you’ll walk through the steps to insert a section break at the end of that same page, which’ll put the soon-to-be-deleted misfit into its own lonely section.

See how pages one, three, and four look larger than two and five? Pages that begin sections are shown as larger thumbnails, so that’s another visual clue that I can now delete page three with no consequences to the rest of my document.

Annnnnd it’s done. Whew! That was kind of convoluted, but we got there, right? I am so proud of us.